Whether you are thinking about starting a new business with cryotherapy or plugging cryotherapy into your existing business it is important to account for not only the cryotherapy chamber purchase, but also the necessary cryochamber equipment and required safety equipment.

We at CRYONiQ have the firsthand experience with budgeting for a successful cryotherapy center ourselves. Thanks to this experience, we can give our customers a lot of invaluable information regarding cryotherapy budgeting.

Our experience with various cryotherapy chambers and cryotherapy equipment has helped us figuring out what works best. Having this knowledge was essential for us as we transitioned towards manufacturing our own cryotherapy products.

Our CRYO XC™ Cryotherapy Chamber is the fruit of our experience as cryotherapy business owners & distributors of cryochambers and cryo equipment. We had put strong emphasis on liquid nitrogen efficiency and client safety from the beginning of development. The unit is easy to install and a pleasure to work with, thanks to our proprietary software. The CRYO XC™ features a unique TCCM-Thermal contrast cryotherapy mode to maximize your Return on Investment.

Thanks to the above mentioned, the money you invest into the cryotherapy machine & equipment will be money well spent.


The required equipment depends on the type of CRYO XC™ cryotherapy chamber you choose.

CRYO XC™ Cryotherapy Chamber Types

Non-pressurized (Dewar) System

This system uses a Dewar tank and comes with 2x 50 L Dewar tanks as standard.

Pressurized System

This system uses a pressurized tank which does not come as standard with the unit.  



Ventilation / AC 

Your nitrogen supplier may require from you to install a ventilation system in the Cryotherapy room. We recommend you to consult the nitrogen supplier upfront.

If you already have a Ventilation / AC in place, check first if it is sufficient, if not contact your local vendor. 

Technical recommendation

The ideal exchange capacity of the system is at least 1 cubic foot per minute (CFM) per square foot of the room. 

Oxygen Sensor

Your nitrogen supplier may require the installation of an oxygen sensor in the Cryotherapy room. They should also be able to give advice on where to purchase such sensor. 


If you need assistance, get in contact with us and we will guide you through.