Cryotherapy video shoot in Seoul Korea
  1. Learn how cryotherapy works and the basics like what is a cryo chamber?
  2. Search for cryotherapy equipment manufacturers
  3. Find out about the pros & cons between various systems currently available in cryotherapy chambers for sale & Navigating between cryotherapy chambers.
  4. Research the local cryotherapy market. (Competitor growth over time, which cryotherapy machine has your competition installed, competitors marketing activity)
  5. Work out your own potential client base and outreach in the local area (including customers and clients from any of your previously established businesses).
  6. Learn about the safety requirements for handling and operating machines that use liquid nitrogen.
  7. Define your preferences and start your search to pick the best cryotherapy machine
  8. Discuss your plans with several cryosauna manufacturers to find the best fit for you. Ask for any advantages and/or limitations that the unit may have.
  9. Consider your financial options from cryotherapy machine rental, cryotherapy chamber lease to used cryotherapy equipment
  10. Set out your goals and your future cryotherapy business model
  11. Find the most suitable location for your needs and expectations where demand is high for cryogenic chamber therapy (location requirements depend on several factors & prospective facility setup)
  12. Finding the right staff to operate the cryo machine and organize smooth operation
  13. Find out the right Cryotherapy treatment cost based on the area, clientele, expectations and competition.
  14. Work out your marketing approach to raise awareness (Take advantage of any previous business or field of activity, promote cryo alongside your other services/businesses)
  15. Take advantage of the most frequently observed Cryotherapy chamber benefits
  16. Fine-tune your business – Maximize Efficiency & Reliability of Operation
  17. Expand your Cryo business with additional equipment & services.
  18. Consider starting your own Cryotherapy franchise